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Floating Steel

Category: Residential Addition 

Client: Private

Location: Pretoria

Well-respected architect, Derick de Bruyn, designed this modern family house in a respected golf estate in 1996. With time the client's needs adapted and their way of inhabiting space changed. Their patio and lounge area needed some alterations. With an unorthodox approach, Werkhof architects transformed the previously lesser-used space into a space that is integral to the rest of the home. An overhead plane manifests as a steel structure floating in space. Special attention was given to the detailing and assembly of the structure.  A massive opening was proposed to turn the living area and the patio into one space. The sliding doors were designed to slide away completely into a free-standing steel frame.

This project is an excellent example of how the old and the new can exist in close relation to one another. 

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