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I-Cat & Qualitools

Category: Commercial 

Client: I-Cat & Qualitools

Location: Pretoria

The new warehouse and office are situated in the N4 Gateway Industrial Park in Pretoria. The client's brief was to firstly design the warehouse as the primary exercise and the office as the ancillary. The main concern was to design the building as cost-effective as possible. 

We iterated the warehouse design together with the engineers in order to achieve the most cost-effective and efficient final product. During this process we save the client R800 000.00 on a R10 M building, a cost-saving 8% - just by clever design. Instead of designing the office as a separate building, our approach was to consider the two buildings holistically. The two components work together in order to achieve maximum efficiency. The office building extends as the plinth of the warehouse component and thus unifies the design. Vehicular surface area was optimized in order to give back to nature and landscaping which acts as a hea-sink rather than an heat island on the property. 

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