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Lowveld House

Category: Residential 

Client: Private  

Location: Nelspruit 

Situated on a beautiful rolling hill landscape, this house was designed to capitalize on the mountainous views surrounding the property. The client’s brief was to design a place where they could raise their family and enjoy the relaxed environment the site has to offer. The house was placed on the landscape in order to maximize northern exposure to all rooms. The resulting solution was to create two longer flanks responding to the landscape with a central courtyard connecting the two flanks. All of the private rooms were placed in one building and the more public areas in the other. The connection between the buildings became the entrance foyer which by means of light and volume automatically draws you to the more public spaces. These entertaining spaces spills out onto a generously covered stoop that overlooks the landscape and a private dam. The material palette of the house was kept simple which allowed for the logical construction of the house. Smaller courtyard spaces were created to allow different rooms to connect to the landscape.

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