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Hyde Park 

Category: Residential Addition

Client: Private

Location: Hyde Park

This addition to a Stephen Le Roith Residence in Hyde Park, Sandton was designed in order to ensure the residential future of the property in a commercial developing neighborhood. 

The new building sits snug against the existing house and screens the private property from a new high-rise development across the street. The family demographic of the owners has changed and therefore the need arose to adapt to their home. 

The building is designed predominately out of concrete with glass and steel detailing. The new addition acts solely as bedroom spaces where the existing building will be adapted for living and entertainment purposes. To the south, the building reacts to the high-rise development with a stark facade allowing privacy to the rooms and also the rest of the property. The building furthermore reacts to a corridor of Jacaranda trees and this vista is framed from the master bedroom. 

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