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St Georges Church

Category: Public

Client: St Georges Anglican Church

Location: Parktown

The brief was to design a canopy over the main entrance to this historic Sir Herbert Baker church in Parktown, the original church was erected in 1904. In 1910 the church was underwent previous alterations to include a bell tower and vestry. The final alterations to the structure were completed in the nineteen sixties.

Our approach to the new addition was to try and touch the existing structure as lightly as possible. Allot of care was taken to preserve the historic aspect while still designing an addition that only enhances the experience when visiting the church. The design was done in such a way to have minimal point fixings to reduce the impact to the existing building. The design does not try and draw the eye away from the church, rather  mimicking materials that are used in the existing structures to try and blend in seamlessly. Opting for frameless glass allows us to create an unobstructed view between the Old and New

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