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Birillo Coffee

Category: Commercial

Client: Birillo Coffee

Location: Pretoria

The coffee shop sits in a small linear space which resulted from a greater development. The brief from the client was to optimize the limited space and create a spacious feeling volume.


The design was inspired by New York style coffee shops and bistros. Because of the limited space the placing of the counter was a major consideration. The counter had to become the threshold between the exterior and interior space. By making use of a long sofa and a linear interior/ exterior seating counter the awkward deep space was utilized. The shop front was designed in order to completely slide away and create a combined interior exterior space. This notion gives the impression that the shop is larger than actual and also allows light, air and vibrant sounds into the interior. The materiality of the project was kept to natural material in their purest form. Black and white marble, mild steel and raw timber was used to create a light but substantial interior finish.

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